Nigeria is not a cursed country but her citizens have made the country to look like one. Consequently, the country is still in dependence after 57 years of independence. It’s a pity that Nigerians are fond of discussing problems without working on the solutions to the problems.

Sadly, the followers keep blaming the leaders, whereas most followers in Nigeria are not in anyway better than the leaders. Everyone keeps thinking about his own pocket due to greediness and ignorance. The public office holders are mismanaging treasury and the followers are extorting one another. They are portraying “I-don’t-care” attitude.

As a matter of fact, our economy is one the major things that make Nigeria remain in dependence after independence. Nigeria’s economy is lagging behind because Nigerians usually see made in Nigeria goods as fake. Many Nigerians who have tried to manufacture some things have packed up because of low sales while some couldn’t execute their ideas because of financial constraint.

Meanwhile, the available white collar jobs are very low compared to the number of job seekers. The crime rate in Nigeria is increasing every year because of unemployment and poverty. This is because “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Many Nigerians became criminals in their struggle to survive.

Advisedly, the first area that Nigeria should seek independence is her economy. Nigerians should cultivate the habit using made in Nigeria goods so that the money will be in our economy and it will also encourage the local (Nigerians) manufacturers. Every Nigerian should try to create jobs and stop looking for white collar jobs alone. The rich should help the poor who have ideas for jobs creation but could not do so because of financial constraint. This will reduce unemployment and crime rate in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the government officials should stop taking our money to banks in other countries. The government should also allocate enough funds for education and health sectors. Our hospitals should be well-equiped in order to stop the culture of going to the USA, Germany, Spain and London for good health care.

At this end, Nigerians should stop the blame game because every Nigerian is guilty in one way or the other. Both leaders and the followers need to contribute to the true independence of Nigeria. Countries like China and Malaysia should inspire Nigerians. Everything can still change for the better if both leaders and the followers want it to change.
I’m a Nigerian and I’m proud of it. God bless Nigeria.

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