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7 Reasons Why Ladies Can’t Cope With Broke Guys

Broke guys are somehow rare to find nowadays due to how they place themselves in public just to impress people, mostly ladies. This can likewise be alluded to as “packaging”. Being broke just means you’re poor financially and no woman of this modern generation would want to go in with such a man.

It is believed that guys become penniless because of their inadmissible state of mind and it’s an issue. Nowadays, the guys would effectively ensure they are completely fulfilled and influential, just to tell people that they’re likewise capable in doing what their mates are doing and that’s what’s up for them. Notwithstanding when they hustle hard, take note that some of them are as yet included in unlawful practices.

In any case, to impress a lady nowadays is exceptionally difficult if you’re not financially okay. Women want men that can deal with their requirements at whatever point they’re being called upon. They need someone who will make them proud in public, mostly in front of their female friends because it’s somehow painful and embarrassing if your boyfriend can’t help out on some notable occasions, even with gifts.

Having a girlfriend is a priority since it influences you to have core lessons before marriage. But what will you do if you don’t have money to provide for her needs? Will you just choose to remain single? But you’re human and would likely get attracted to someone as time goes on, how will you cope?

Notwithstanding, like I said before that it’s difficult to find a guy who is broke because of how guys place themselves these days as everybody wants to “feel among”. That’s the problem!

Precisely the time ladies get mad at them if they finds out. This brings us to the seven noteworthy reasons why ladies can’t cope with broke guys. Would it be a good idea for me to simply say; 7 kind of broke guys women can’t adapt to? All the same. Check them out below!‎

1. Broke Guys Claim To Be Rich

Ladies cherish a genuine and trying man, a man that doesn’t have much yet he’s happy with the little he has. If you’re luring ladies to go out with you because of money, then you should be prepared to face queries tomorrow when she actually finds out. It’s something you can’t stow away forever except you don’t have long-term plans for her. Or, on the other hand possibly your hustle paid obviously.

2. Most Broke Guys Are Lazy and Lacks Giving

The fact that I said broke folks would do all it takes to be financially okay doesn’t mean they’re all organised. The vast majority of them keep themselves caught up with tuning in to music or watching motion pictures when their mates are out there doing something significant just to secure a better future for themselves and family. It is this same hard-working people broke guys would run to for help. He also lacks giving even when he’s capable to help others. Which lady would stay with such a guy? ‎

3. Broke Guys Always Pretend and Lie

As a young lady/woman, to hear the truth from a broke dude will be like a guy finding it hard to confess to his Pastor in a congregation that he slept with his daughter. I know you’re snickering, but hey! It’s true. I’m not talking about those shabby jokes/lies we guys tell and later reveal just for fun, but lies that could make ladies wet in a moment when heard. You understand!

Broke guys find it hard to tell ladies the truth because they feel they’ll be ignored. But it doesn’t have to be so, ladies love a honest man who can remain on his words, the one they could protect as they know what their man is capable of doing.

4. Most Broke Guys Are Without Vision and Plans, and are Easily Frustrated

When you see these ones, you’ll know as a woman. It’s not hard to spot. Most broke guys find it hard to make plans because they don’t have vision for themselves and they’re easily frustrated. I don’t know why a lady would take you serious even without vision. Some of your male companions can unfriend you for that as well. Nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t have plans for himself even as he’s lacking so many things in his life.

5. All Broke Guys Are TOO Proud To Ask For Help or Advice

It detests ladies to see a guy coming their way with that proud look even when he’s penniless. Though they might succeed in going in with them and perhaps he has little issues he can call a friend for to request help, he won’t do it – but he’s dying, he needs assistance. At the point when the woman asks him for what reason he wouldn’t like to call the friend for help, he’ll say; “that friend would underestimate me tomorrow”. Ladies don’t care for these sort of men. They need guys that are not proud because it’s what prompts success as a broke individual.

6. Broke Guys Barely Give Them Gifts

This is one big thing ladies hate but they’ll pretend to like it when you’re around them. Not giving them gifts is just like you’re making them feel they don’t have a boyfriend. How do you want them to feel when in the presence of their friends, one of their boyfriends bought one a gift but to get even a cheap wrist-watch from you is a problem. Ladies can’t cope with you! Go!!

7. But, Above All, Ladies Want A Man Who Can Take Care Of Their Needs

I support this one very well since women should be well treated. I also understand that a broke fella will leave them with one excuse or the other but if they see that he’s somewhat honest and straight-forward, they’ll happily jump in.

Ladies need guys who can assist and support them with the little they have. Nothing is so romantic than seeing your significant other/boyfriend feeling your torments and demanding to take care of the responsibility even when he has nothing. Such men are truly uncommon to find and when you hold one as a woman, you’re truly lucky.

I believe that no one is broke, it all depends on our creativity and what we have that can sell us to the public. Don’t be lazy to work on your dreams because if you get carried away by what you see on social media and think your time is going and needs to make it quick, then you’re wrong and you’ll always fail until maybe you involve yourself on illegal practices of which is the worst as nothing good comes easy.

Hustle hard as a man and be in a decent situation to help your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife. Make this a need so the story can be “sweet” when telling it to your children.

Is there anything I missed writing? Just drop it on the comment box let’s deliberate on it together. Do have a nice time!

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