I wanted to write about anger but found myself incapable of writing about something negative and destructive as that. So I came up with this article with one prospect in mind; the solution to anger.

Many people are faced with one reason or another that can lead them to being angry. And it’s important they express it in one way or another. Some individuals show their anger by hitting their fist on something, be it a non-living thing (such as a wall), sometimes breaking their fingers in the process, or a fellow human being (breaking the nose of their spouse). Some grind their teeth and clench their jaw. While some others just laugh it off and meticulously plan a form of revenge. Whatever way one uses in expressing anger the bottom line is when anger is not well managed it eventually leads to destruction. It is like a bomb timed to cause havoc. It can bring a well planned objective or goal to total annihilation. It is therefore vital that we find a way through or around this issue.

To find a solution we shall look at the sayings of wise King Solomon in his old age. In the book of Ecclesiastes 7:9, we read that one should not be hasty in ones SPIRIT to be angry because anger rests in the heart of FOOLS. This single verse can answer two important questions.

QUESTION 1: What is the root cause of anger?
ANSWER: Many people associate the reason for their anger to external factors. “He stepped on my toes“. “She told me I am a fool“. “I can’t find a better job“. These, and more, are examples of reasons many say they are angry but with considerable studies it has been found that this is a big fat lie.

Be not hasty in your SPIRIT to be angry….“. Anger is a mind issue. We get angry because of the thoughts we permit our minds (spirits) to dwell in.
PROOF: A man dressed meticulously for an interview left his house at exactly 6 am. He got to the bus stop at 6:15am and a car speeding pass splashes water on his well starched and ironed attire. HE SMILES and decides he would still go for the interview, which is scheduled for 7:30am, in his ruined attire for the purpose of buying a car one day so that such a case wouldn’t repeat itself.

Another person, standing beside the former, finds himself in the same situation and feels life is unfair to him. He thinks he is destined to be a failure at the interview and ultimately in life. He becomes angry and very upset.

These case studies proves that it was not the car splashing water on the passersby that is the cause of the issue but the prevailing thought patterns (FOUND IN THE MIND OR SPIRIT) of the individuals involved.

QUESTION 2: Who gets angry?
ANSWER: “…For anger rest in the hearts of FOOLS
Yes fools get angry. As seen in the proof above the second individual becomes upset and his mindset for the interview changes. But not for good but for bad. Anytime one gets angry one’s heartbeat increases. We tend to be irrational, murderous, and for a time mad. We do not see the whole picture but choose to see it from a narrow perspective. We act hurriedly and blindly. It is a well known fact that people who tend to be excessively angry do not have very close associates. They unintentionally push people away with their hurtful remarks. These inadvertently breaks the much needed connections that could catapult them to the top of their businesses. Many people see them as self-centred and egotistical.


The implication of anger can, therefore, not be over emphasised. It is logical that this author proffer one or more ways to calm oneself when this hellish spirit shows its ugly face. Here are some tested ways by which one can prevent oneself from being a loose canon. However, the objective is to be calm or remain calm.

1. USE AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations are words often spoken with the intent of bringing a colossal change in ones way of thinking. Since anger is a mind game, it is important we change from within in order to see a change on the outward plane. Affirming that one is calm on a regular basis will not only bring about this change but will turn ones personality  into likeable one; the attractive type.

2. SMILE AND GIVE THANKS : The statement “In everything give thanks”, is of psychological value. When you give thanks all the time you have no choice but to smile. When you expect a sunny day and it is gloomy, give thanks. We do not have all the answers to all the questions but I assure you, The Creator has. Everything is for our good. So instead of being gloomy like the event or day put a smile on your face and give a Heartfelt Gratitude.

3. OVERLOOK MANY UNDESIRABLE AND HURTFUL THINGS: You are bigger than many of your challenges. You are bigger than those who are witch-hunting you. You are bigger than those who want to see you frown. You are therefore a giant that knows nothing such as failure. With this in mind, it is very important that one ignore many things which can bring out ones darker side. These things are there to test you. It’s you in the wilderness, fasting, and the devil’s way of tempting you. Ignore these temptations if you are in search of the higher and abundant life.

4. TRANSMUTE THE ENERGY: Everything is energy and the law of conservation of energy clearly states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. The chemical energy present in petrol is transformed into mechanical energy which is thereafter transformed to sound and electrical energy in an electricity-generating set. Anger is a form of energy, and can therefore be transformed into determination to succeed as seen in our illustration. The first fellow went to that interview, against prevailing circumstances, with the mindset of a winner. The conversion of one form of energy in man to another form is called transmutation.

All said and done. Take a deep breath and affirm “CALMNESS IS STRENGTH”

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