Ding-dong breaks the days,
We wake in brooks of early morning bells,
We rise to sing the heavenly saving songs,
We bath and dab, stroking in tender touches,
We comb our heads with waving dropping brushes,
We dress and clip our drooping braided hair,
We walk with bags, dancing down the way,
With pens and books the classrooms go bustling,
In times by times, the classes run ceaseless,
In ink and clean, the notes fill the lines,
In a thousand words, we learn in phases,
In sheets and turns, we grasp noble knowledge,
With quizzes and checks, we add new marks,
In drifts and graphs we make new lessons,
With sketches and paints, the horizons are brightened,

Ding-dong breaks the time,
The midday calling, the bell rings time in time,
The fields are greeted in lumpy bumpy laces,
We eat and drink, frolicking in easy sway,
With steps and clap, sharing sonorous songs,
With gist and jests, making beautiful stories,
With canes and strokes, scolding straying students,
We quit in time, new lessons unfold,
The cool and sweats, we stare and write,
We chuckle and gobble, hiding little nuts,
In thirst and wait, the texts are read,
Ding-dong rings again, the school day is over.

Ojo Oyeyemi J. (2017)

Picture Credit: www.huffingtonpost.com

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