Negative effects of social network sites on students academic performance


The Internet is the large system of connected computers around the world which allows people to share information and communicate with one another using email. It’s also a tool for research. The usage of internet later advanced from sharing of information with email to social network sites. These social network sites were created to make friends and stay in touch with our family members that are away i.e facebook, twitter, eBuddy etc. It was later that chatting applications were introduced to reduce the consumption of internet data i.e 2go, WhatsApp, facebook app, BBM etc.

Those social network sites were also created to catch fun at leisure time. Social network sites are also good places to study i.e there are many educational groups on facebook. Those sites are good for advertisement. Many people met there lover at social network sites. There are many other advantages of social network sites.

Social network sites were not aimed to decrease the academic performance of students. The exuberant zest of Nigerian students for social network sites is one of the causes of their poor academic performance. Social network sites were created for leisure time but most Nigerian students will be online when their teacher is teaching them. Most Nigerian students don’t have time to read for exams because they spend most of their time to chat. Teenagers between 13 and 19 years old now full our social network sites.

Many Nigerian students lost interest in reading because they’re addicted to social network sites. Some hardworking students became lazy as a result of bad company on social network sites. Most Nigerian students were introduced to Examination malpractice (exam runz) at Social network sites. It has contributed to the diminish of Nigeria education standard. That is why there are many certified illiterates in Nigeria.

Infact, many Nigerian students don’t know other uses of social network sites than to chat. Below are my pieces of advice for Nigerian students:
* Students should join educational groups in order to learn from one another.
* Only log in to social network sites at your leisure time.
* The best social network site for students to learn is Facebook.
* Stop wasting your time on useless chat.
* Only chat with people at your leisure time.
* Spend more time to study and less time to chat.
* Don’t study for examination alone but study to acquire skills.
* Read to pass your examination without examination malpractice.
* Don’t be a certified illiterate who can’t defend his certificate.

Make proper use of the internet to improve your academic performance. Thanks for reading.

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