Self-discovery is the process of knowing one’s abilities, characters and feelings. Meanwhile, knowing one’s abilities can only be achieved through trials and errors. Sadly, it has always been very difficult for many people to discover their abilities because of fear of criticism. They always think they will fail a task even when they have not tried it. I have also experienced it.

In 2011, I had a course mate called Mr. Festus Olakunle Ogunleye, while I was doing my ND at Eruwa. The man, a Manager at one of the Lafarge Depots in Nigeria, came up with an idea that we should have a standard newspaper outfit on campus. He picked some people from our class including me.

After series of meetings, we agreed to call the newspaper “Eagle’s Eye”. The reason for the name was because our aim was to report every hidden and mysterous event on campus and beyond. The sharing of portfolios started after we have picked the name but I stylishly ran from every editorial role because I was afraid that I will not function very well in writing and editing. At the end, I was appointed as the Photo Editor because of my certificate in photography. The newspaper was published and launched in August, 2013.

As at that time, the only thing I thought I could do very well is talking. I did not know that I can write any meaningful piece because I was afraid of errors. I was running from my destiny but I later found myself fulfilling it. It was after I discovered myself that I knew what I ran from was not as difficult as I have thought.

Similarly, many people can perform better in what they are running from but they are afraid of criticism or failure. They have concluded that they cannot perform a particular task because of fear, whereas it is not as difficult as they have thought.

Mostly, the major reason for this is that many people are yet to discover themselves. That is, they are yet to know their purpose on earth. Sometimes that thing which looks difficult to people is easy but fear will not let them see it. This is why you should remove fear from your life because it will not help you in any way. It will rather prevent you from knowing your ability.

In conclusion, always believe that no task is difficult for you and it will save you from fear. Moreover, criticism and failure are part of life because they will teach you new ways of doing things. Don’t let them be your sources of fear. Remember that we learn everyday. I am still a learner working on perfection.

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