It is no more news that the last digit of the year is no more 7. The festivities are over and it’s time to start a new dairy, if you are one of many who keep. By the way, keeping a dairy can actually help us keep notes of ideas we resonate with.

Let’s not drift away, though, from the main objective. Based on the economic situation ¬†Nigeria had in 2017, it would be one year many will want to forget in a hurry. But is this a fact? I am sure I saw many people buying properties last year. I saw some others investing in businesses also. Although some lost their jobs I saw some get new ones also. I saw some prospective undergraduates get admitted into higher citadels . I saw parents pay tuition fees of their wards in schools. I saw some apprentices complete learning their trades. I saw some ‘bloggers’ forget their sites while some others continued and some others became rich without committing a cybercrime. I saw others applying for contracts and against the odds, won the bids. Although the cost of buying premium motor spirit (petrol) skyrocketed at the tail end of last year, I saw many people travel. I saw many people who took time to call and send messages to loved ones. So at the end of this year would you be one of those who would be with those in the raging sea, waving a white flag and screaming “I surrender to circumstances”? Or will you be with those on land, who after paddling or steering their boats from the storms, saying to themselves “Yes, I made it!”?
To be amongst the later set of people one has to be like those who can face the storm by walking on it, without doubts, staring clearly at a finish line and already on the move. Yes, it is true that like attracts like so start thinking like a victor. Victors see the finish line before, while on and eventually at the end of the race.

You might be wondering where I am headed to. Do not go far because you shall be reading about one of the most under emphasised and misunderstood terms in executing a plan. Goals are what I am delving into as you read through and understand every line you read.

If you are one of those who set goals, be ready to set a goal that is ‘impossible’. Something that would scare the devil out of you. Something you know you cannot do on your own but would require the aid of the Higher Realm. Something that would shake the very foundation of this earth. But believe that those little things that you do now and every other day will lead you to getting that which you truly want if you do them effectively. But if you are one who doesn’t then start in earnest. Goals are the simplest things some people have that made them the great people that we stare at with awe written all over our faces. Goals are the oak nut that become the oak. Believe, smart work, dedication, perseverance and one-mindedness are the tough and leathery shell that encapsulates the seed.

We can paint an analogy to explain why it is important to set goals. A man trying to hit the bulls eye with a bow and arrow can never hit it unless he knows where to find it, right? Goal-setting is similar to this. If you don’t have a goal then you don’t have anything to aim at.

I am certain that there are wonderful people out there who believe it is not necessarily at the start of a new year one has to set a goal. I do not disagree with such a wonderful concept and I also do not disagree with those who believe that the new year means a change or an improvement. Hence, there is need to set goals.
So if you have always been a goal-getting individual or you are planning to join the ‘band-wagon’ (or in this era, ‘Buggati Chiron’), let’s propose that setting goals will make 2018 be your best year ever.
The last sentence in the preceding paragraph may sound somewhat audacious, but I am as sure as day and night that this proposition is true and therefore reliable. If goal-setting helps you aim, the action you put into making these ideas, boldly written in black and white, materialise is goal-getting. To set goals one may follow these laid down rules:

1. Ask yourself what you want for yourself in the year: Don’t be vague. Be precise; GIVE SPECIFICS. For instance don’t have a goal that reads “1. Get a good job” . That doesn’t count as a goal. That will really count on the weighing machine for wishes. A wish can be defined as ‘feeling or expressing a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen’. There is nothing to believe when you wish because one feels like it probably might not happen. A goal, on the other hand, can be defined as ‘the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result‘. I love this! I also love the words emphasised.
a. Ambition
b. Effort
C. Aim
d. Desired result
So instead of “Get a better job” let it be “Start working at ………… as ……………. by……………..” KNOWING you shall get the goals.

The sum and substance: KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

2. Go be a goal-getting human being: Yes, I know, you had a precise goal last year and you didn’t leave the same spot. Common! Stop complaining. Did you put action in those words? Did you put your money where you kept your mouth? If you didn’t then that was what spelt the seeming stalemate. Alas! You are wrong. It isn’t a stalemate. You need to gather the mistakes and lessons you garnered in a basket of harvested produce. If you had a goal last year and you seem not to have achieved much, then that is a mirage. You did something and maybe you lost focus on the way. Hey! Wake up. You can start all over again in 2018 but this time with an eye to see things before they happen. Go out to where that goal is and try again. But this time, take a matured mind with you because those mistakes and lessons have made you grown.

The sum and substance: BE PROACTIVE

3. Accept that everything takes time: Expect the best and also expect a tempering period. Expect experiences that would teach you how you can bring out the best of you. Expect changes that will test and then grow your managerial skills. Expect time to show you what you need to know. Expect to prepare before jumping out when talking that leap of faith. Expect conditions to be favourable but remember to take an umbrella to shade you from too much ultraviolet rays and prevent your ‘coat of goal-getting’ from absorbing too much rain water. And when you take a breather to absorb the sweat on your face with a handkerchief or stay off the streets when the shower become a heavy downpour, spend that time to assess your progress.


4. Make adjustments when the need arises: When you notice any deviation, you have 2 options.
a. Bend more away from the set goal, or
b. Straighten up yourself, CAREFULLY study your tools and if need be, pick yourself again and make strides bit by bit till you can say “Veni Vidi Vici”.


5. Believe: If you don’t believe in what you are doing don’t waste your precious time doing it because a half-hearted effort results in nothing but a shabbily done work. Believe in achieving that goal and believe God will aid you by sending all that is spiritually required as long as you are putting all that is humanly required.

The sum and substance: BELIEVE GOD.

If you have a aim for this year and it’s a spill from last year that only means you are a goal-getting being with a goal in mind. I am urging you to step up your game this year and create that life that you want. IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN SETTING AND GETTING GOALS, it is the short distance taken by the successful ones. With that in Mind, I believe you shall have the Grace to have the best year ever.

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