I had a Dream

I had a dream.

Funny as it may sound with little or no correlation with reality, yet, it is my dream.

It was after our midnight rehearsals for the church anniversary, I had my phone on earlier because of a power outage so I could use the phone torch as an alternative light source. I checked across all social media  platforms I use to see if I have a pending message or notification to attend to.  Then I tried listening to some songs before I drift to sleep.

I was not up long before I fell asleep.  I saw myself approaching a primary school to enrol myself for lectures. Yes, you read that right, a primary school (why? still baffles me). The proprietor was indifferent, she just asked that I be shown my class so I followed the lady assigned the duty as she led. We went on and on past all the senior classes till we got to a class filled with children. I was surprised, I asked what class we were in and was told primary 2! That’s absurd, primary two! how? Even the teacher was dumbfounded seeing we were almost age mates that’s if I’m not older. I agreed, with the thought that it was to test my intellectual capacity and abilities before I could be promoted to a higher class. I sat down on the seat pointed to me. There was a question and answer sheet on the desk already, I picked it only to find it already answered but to my dismay I couldn’t answer the questions. It was mathematics, place value I guess, yet, it look strange and odd to me. I walked up to the teacher with confidence that comes with age and told her not to test me with mathematics because it’s a strange language to me (this was right even in reality), I told her she could use any other subject but not mathematics and she said she’ll attend to me soon. Soon became minutes and minutes started running to an hour. I was infuriated and stood up to leave the class ( what was I doing here in the first place? was the thoughts running through my mind). As I walked through the corridor (it was a three Storey building) a student came and push me off the corridor railings but I held on to the support pole but he continued pushing violently, laughing hysterically as he did.

I managed to pull him with me as he succeeded in pushing me overboard. We both landed with a mighty turd but I was injured. He stood up and continue laughing as he left. I was dismayed, what was my offence? Who was he? Why was he laughing? No one could answer me. This is injustice! I said, what kind of school would allow this? I launched for the proprietor’s office to give a report and ask that the boy be punished. To my surprise, she was lethargic about taking action as I insisted, I was shouting at the top of my voice now (which is unusual in reality). This continued until she agreed to follow me to the class, unfortunately, she was plus sized, almost the size of an elephant so she couldn’t climb the stairs. A male teacher heard my rant and decided to help my predicament. All I wanted was for the boy to be punished even if it’s Just a stroke of the cane. He followed me as we returned to look for the boy but we couldn’t find him, the school has closed.

We met a bunch of people, students maybe, practicing with their musical instruments in the class, I left the class sad. On our way back, I saw another group of students seated round a glowing object so I moved closer with hope of finding him. Everything within and without me preached to me to let go, but I was adamant and bent on seeing the boy punished. As I moved closer to the group, I noticed they were all fierce looking. I scanned through until I saw the boy amidst them, he had his clothes off already and was sweating profusely. I gestured to the teacher to come, I’ve found him! To my surprise, he gestured back telling me to leave the place and come to him so we can talk. I snapped as soon as he started his speech of forgiveness and flared up, I left the place angrily but as I was leaving, I started hearing noise from the group. No! Don’t use the gun! No! Not this time! Noooo!!!  I heard the gun corking sound. I looked back. I wasn’t fast enough.


I woke with a sharp pain in my left chest. It was frightening. Was this a message or just my mind playing trick on me?

– Onaopemipo Rufus Oladipupo


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