I Have Failed Nigerians – Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye, senator representing Kogi west senatorial district, has said that himself and other political elites in the country have failed Nigerians.

Speaking at The Osasu Show Symposium themed “The new economy and its impact on less privileged citizens” in Abuja, Dino Melaye stated that politics played by the elites is responsible for the lingering poverty in the country.

According to the Senator, there is a disconnect between citizens of the country and the leaders, which he said could be traced to mistrust.

“When you speak the truth, you die, when you lie, you die; so it is better to speak the truth and die. I may sound very unpopular but I will speak the truth. Apart from militocracy, politics is responsible for poverty and hunger in Nigeria,” Melaye said.

“Unfortunately, we the leaders, myself inclusive, have failed this nation and have failed the younger generation — myself inclusive. The reason why we are where we are today is because there is a disconnect between leadership and followership.

“As I speak to you, the problem why we are where we are is because of trust. There is no trust between the governed and those governing.

“Once there is no trust between the followership and the leadership, it will definitely have a negative concomitant effect on the economy, and every other facet of our national life.”

Dino Melaye further stressed that “hunger and poverty have no political party, hunger and poverty have no religion. To have brought people to discuss on the line of APC or PDP is not correct, because the poor PDP man and the poor APC man all go to the same market.

“What we should fix is democracy; Democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people. What we have is greediocracy; government of the greedy by the greedy, for the greedy.

“We the leaders want to win elections at all cost, so we spend money to win elections. The followership also is greedy, they accept money to vote. So, head or tail, there is a need for attitudinal change and this is affecting everything.

“Today, we are talking about recovery of our economy, we are talking about poverty and how to fight it. The only way to fight poverty is for we leaders to build trust among the people.

“How do you build trust? Today, if there is a policy statement banning the use of generators everywhere including the villa, when there is no light or electricity in Aso Rock, there should be no electricity in Nyanya.

“When there is no light in Lupe, there should be no light anywhere; the citizens will develop confidence.

“When I was member of the house of reps, I moved a motion that sons and daughters of all political office holders, or all politically exposed persons, from counsellors to president, should attend public school, that motion was not seconded; it died.

“If the son of the governor, senator is attending public schools, he will fix the school. So the issue of poverty is self-created. I want to call on us, everyone; leadership, followership, that especially the elites in this country; the Amaechi of this world, the Dinos of this world, the Igbinedions of this world, the Iboris of this world, we must take care of the poor.”


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