I play my part,
I feed the minds of the young and old,
I give them light to run their race,
I give them keys to seek their destinies,
I give the hands to read and write.

I play my part,
I give the strength and life to the sick,
I open the doors that keep our health,
I keep the souls strong and growing,
I make lives moving and working.

I play my part,
I keep the lines of cheats and hate,
I beat the heart of oppression and guile,
I seek redress for the abused and weak,
I tilt the fight for liberty and freedom.

I play my part,
I grow the grains lush and green,
I cut the land for food to be,
I feed the mouths of those to be,
I feed the land from taste to fill.

I play my part,
I keep the cities moving and steady,
I trail the paths for things to change,
I move around with hays and lights,
I make the roads day and nights.

I play my part,
I put the ears to see afar,
I search the towns for peace and truth,
I make the waves for hearts to hear,
I bring the tidings, near and far.

I play my part,
I chart the lines from thin to thick,
I build the sheen of beauty and themes,
I feed the eyes with glory and gains,
I carve the planes of treasures and sounds…

I play my part, I play my part,
Do you play your part?


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