In my Lagos
Are the lessons you need for living,
If the crazy ‘molue’ drivers
Do not thrill you,
The angry mob by the road side will.
If the skinny girls don’t take away
Your eye ball, the three men at Ojota will.

This is Lagos,
Here, your dreams are painted
On the canvass of yellow & black.
Here, traffic is like taking attendance
at the gate of heaven
You must confirm your pocket
As you walk from bustop to bustop…

In my Lagos,
Madness is a choice,
Amebo is integrity,
Freedom is in chains,
Fashion is oxgyen,
Love is a sham,
Business is business.
If you don’t mind your business,
You will be taught the lesson of Eko Akete!

This is my Lagos!
But there is more to it…
In my Lagos!

© Badiru Kehinde
(Author: I Know Why Your Mother Cries)

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