Kulikuli Alata

Ode to the best companion of the sumptuous garri Ijebu
For it magnifies the holiness of garri  Emure
For it gives satisfaction to the hungered stomach
For it add delights to the eyes that sees
For it has no town crier for it awareness
For it bear no cost to the akede agbaye
For it sacredness in the league of snacks
For it charming spirit in its own awesomeness
When the school bell echo it closing time
It brings happiness to the tiring lads
Resoluting a dam of the holy water
With logs of kulikuli to accompany it
When sule bricklayer plastered the growing walls
He orders for some relieving kulikuli
When Ogunrinde arrives with his hunted games
He garnish peppered kulikuli to regain strength
the ever hungry students termed it Soko
For it stones away the reoccurring hunger
It filled the food basket than any other garri colleagues
It get down well on any sunny day.
With some with the beastly shape of amoeba
Or a slim straight brownish verticals
It comes like a disfigured small zeros
It comes in whatever shape the crafter wishes.
It sweetens the mouth to the inner pipes to the stomach
It sweetens the hopefulness of a common man
It manufactures smiles to a hungered soul
It gives numerous reasons to be thankful.
Written by Peter Omoniyi Gidado (Ogbeni POG)


About the Author
Ogbeni POG is a graduate of Business Administration at Ekiti state University, Ado Ekiti. He is a trado-poet, a writer and a staunch Campaigner of traditional values, beliefs and norms which are mostly injected in his poems and articles. He lives in Ado-Ekiti.

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