One thing the music industry is known for is the rate at which some artist go lengths in releasing songs full of illicit contents and irrelevant lyrics which adds no meaning to life or music itself.

This can be recently found in a song titled “ONE CORNER” released by a Ghanaian artist known as “Patapaa Amisty” The lyrics of the song are totally out of this world, one could barely understand the message the artist is passing – that’s if one can even understand it at all. As if the lyrics and beat were inspired by the devil himself!

At times, I always think to some artist, lyrics don’t really matter. What they are after is the beat and instruments used in their so called songs. And of course they have fans who dance to beats and not to lyrics as well. This “One Corner” disease has spread round like wildfire as one could see videos all around social media depicting what one corner really means. Judging from the videos, one could easily submit that the song is a total trash and it adds no meaning to morality!

The “One Corner” crooner “Patapaa Amisty” was interviewed by Gatuso of KASAPA FM in Ghana as regards the released song and he reacted by saying he has not even earned GHc1000 to his pocket from the song he released.

Now I ask every sane mind out there:
“Do you really think you should keep dumping your money out for irrelevancies? Will you keep paying for things that are meaningless and add no salt to life whatsoever?”

Why does he even think he should make money out of the song? Well, maybe because some artistes just bag in into studios, spew the nonsense they can and drop their mic.

Now coming to my lovely country “NIGERIA!” The disease extended to this part of the world and I was surprised some Nigerians were even challenging themselves to the dance.
But why? I was thinking PENALTY is enough, not until I saw ONE CORNER again.

Well, there are good artistes who lend voices out there and I’m not in anyway condemning them, I’m just trying to make common sense by saying that: “We shouldn’t encourage mediocre and mediocrities!”

Shehu Abdus-Salam Aladodo.

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