The cocoa islands are dwindling,
The rubber fields are fading,
The groundnut pyramids are sinking,
We grapple with the claws of crude oil,
Changing time without time,
The land resonates in the veggies of her forgotten feats,
Our ivory towers dim in decadence and neglect,
Our youths idle in hunger and pressure,
Sniffing the taste of despair,
Our factories run in failing power,
Our land breeds inaudible trepidation,
With incandescence of poverty,
And tales of hardship,
Unending days of longing,
Our challenges are ever emerging,
We live in diverse sentiments,
That becloud our yearnings,
That trail us apart and leave us in disarray,
We ponder in dismay,
Yet we wander in our own land,
Leading our lives in pains,
The toil of our heroes,
The sweats of their strides,
Peter out in our thoughts,
We are unto ourselves refugees In our own land.

OJO OYEYEMI J. ( 2017)
Picture Credit: www.un.org

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