I once saw a man who was busy on his job but with a scorn on his face and disgust in his heart. Though engaged in his work he was the definition of a pitiful sight. He was scarred by his innermost thought. Drilling into his heart, you would find only anger. He hates his job and looks forward to the next day’s job with disdain. He has been in the same post for years without promotion. YET! He does his job although with rage in his heart.


He is a far cry from another man who looks towards the next day’s job with excitement. He goes into his job with all believe that this is a stepping stone and greater offers are already at his beck and call. He has joy written all over the slab of his heart and one can observe the look of happiness in the crevices of his face. Just after being promoted, he has another promotion test close by.

Here are two adults who probably had the same upbringing and who may work in the same environment. While one is groping in the dark the other is walking swiftly in the light. While the one is laying the foundation of failure the other has already set the foundation for success. Yet what separates these two folks is but intangible; you cannot hold this separating line but you can sense it. It is one of the attributes possessed by a leader which makes his followers his energetic foot soldiers. It is one of the features of a Chief Executive Officer whose managers bring in lots of money. It makes soldiers under a general risk their lives for him and for country come rain, come shine.

Let us now take the blind fold off this attribute, so that we can look into it’s very eyes. But before I do let us speedily x-ray another article on hub201. I read this article yesterday on this site. You can peruse the article here. Largely based on the 2009 Bollywood drama ‘3 Idiots‘ and the enthusiastic character, Rancho, the article emphasised why some people, like Rancho, and his 2 friends, are labelled idiots by the society we live in. This article concluded by asking a salient question: ‘Are you an idiot? On my own part I think the main reason Rancho was labelled an idiot is because of his outlook on life. He was enthusiastic about his studies (which wasn’t really his), friendships, dreams, aspirations, work and every other facet of his life. People who possess this attribute I speak of are generally called ‘idiots’. I speak of ENTHUSIASM.

I saw a great definition of it today while researching on this subject. Enthusiasm can be defined as absorbing or controlling or possessing the mind by any pursuit; lively interest.

If you do not know how powerful the mind is close your eyes and think of someone who you haven’t seen in a long time. Picture the person’s face, scars, way of talking, and more in your mind. Take that picture around for a day or two and forget about it. Before no time you might see or hear about/from the person. It is by mind power. I do not speak of voodoo. I speak of something that has been scientifically proven. Your mind is powerful and it can do according to your bidding. That brings us to this juncture: The first man you read about has a mindset that hates what he does and may actually do everything he does grudgingly. The other has programmed (or taken control of) his mind to love what he does even though he isn’t getting all the benefits he expects from it. The first man may wake up every morning tired because he has no lively interest and can’t seem to have a hold on his mind. Dragging his legs behind him, he grudgingly leaves the house for work. The second man jumps off his bed as if a bomb just exploded beside his window and has to keep his body upright because his legs are moving faster than his body when he is headed to work. The former may end up losing his job while the latter may eventually get a better offer inside or outside his present job environment.

You see, enthusiasm may make you a genius in anything you do. You can’t go to a party and hit the floor with Michael Jackson’s dance moves. But the enthusiasm he added in writing and singing music, and when dancing made him the king of popular music. I can keep giving examples of people who were rich and famous by adding enthusiasm in what they do. But I can’t give you one example of anyone who didn’t and became rich and famous. In fact if we lose the enthusiasm we had at the beginning of a task we begin to lose the task.

This is not a treaty but a practical article. A ‘marketer’ who is not enthusiastic will have nobody buying his goods or services; and we all market on form of goods and service. A clergyman who lacks enthusiasm will not be able to convince his flocks to follow him along his perceived way to the threshold of Truth because according to Napoleon Hill, in his book ‘The Law of Success’, “No mere combination of words can ever take the place of a deep belief in a statement that is expressed with a burning enthusiasm. Words are but devitalized sounds unless coloured with feeling that is born of enthusiasm.” Students tend to lose interest in a teacher who isn’t enthusiastic about teaching and that can only spell doom for the teacher’s career.

Now grab hold of your mind wherever you may find yourself. You may be a student or may be a job-seeker. You may be just a babe or an adult. You may be formally educated or not. Inject some enthusiasm in what you do and never give up on your dreams. Life gives us what we strongly desire. Your desire can also be fuelled with a pinch of enthusiasm. Your desire is directly proportional to the amount of enthusiasm you pump into it. So take a deep breathe in and out and face that storm with all you have. BE ENTHUSIASTIC.

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