We all have a destination. We all may be oblivious of the exact destination (where we want to be) but we know we want to grow, we want to be successful and, we want more wealth and the finer things of life. We are beings and the word ‘being’ is a continuous tense. That infers that we are seeking (and always seeking) an expansion in all aspects of our lives.


It is an inherent quality in man/woman. It is not a sin. If this trait is a sin then nature is committing sin on a daily basis for nature is observed to always increase and nature never sins. Let us see an example in a seed. You plant a seed and it grows to produce many of it’s kind. The universe itself is observed to be ever expanding. No one knows the limits of the universe. That promotion you desire is part of your genetic make-up and not a sign of covetousness. That fuller expression that you seek is not a weakness but a sign that you are God’s image (therefore it is strength). That higher education that you want is a sign: a good one for that matter. Everybody you come across desires this and it is important that we continue to nurture these ideas for if we stop having the desire to multiply and dominate the ‘being’ becomes the ‘have been’.To put it in other words- man dies when man stops in his pursuit for increase like any part of our body atrophies when it is not used.

Scientists say we have a tail (this can be observed from the foetus) and from biology the tail is used by animals for balancing. Since man has evolved to a being that doesn’t require the tail for balancing, the tail of homo sapiens atrophies. The desire for increase is therefore a part of us that seeks expression. If we continue feeding it, it matures and if we starve it, it disintegrates and death sets in because the will and desire to multiply is gone. And if you are familiar to the scripture, the first commandment of God to man, is that man should multiply and dominate the world.

So that leads us to one question: Where do we start from? Many people will say I will do this and that when I get this and that. I disagree with that. I overheard a friend say “I will work better when I find a good working environment”. Like I said to him then I will repeat it here… “you will not work better if you get to that ‘good’ working environment because you will not get to that good working environment by doing inferior job”. He was stunned. I had to add this… “you can only get to that ‘good’ environment by doing the best you can do right now at the place you are now”. It’s as simple as that. If you dream of being at a better work station, promotion and having all the finer things of life do what you are doing now at the place you are with all the energy you can put into it now.

A simple task that you perform now can be the step that would take you to your promise land. I once heard that the line that separates failure and success is very thin. If this is true (and it is true), then your present work (and deed) is where you can rise from. Yes I know your present boss is a man/woman who does not see how effective you are but I am sure many of your customers see your worth. Some bosses see how effective you are but may not raise the pay or promote you. This is because you are more valuable to them where you are and taking you away from there would be to their personal disadvantage. Don’t worry. Smile and continue putting your best effort to what you are doing. Someday someone will notice you and that promotion will come. Your business may not be growing at the pace you want. Don’t worry. Smile and continue treating your customers like the kings and queens that they are and sooner than later the pace your business will take will keep you dumb-struck and continuously on the move.

Everything you experience is to mould the spiritual steel that you are made of. We are all learners and will continue to learn. Your present business is a bridge to where you are headed to even if they seem different. There is a latent connection between what you are doing now and what you will do in the future. So take today as a gift and spend it like a man who has just fallen in love for the first time in his life. Live today and do all that can be done today where you are. Yesterday’s job has been done and is forgotten. Tomorrow will be done tomorrow. Face today’s job with all your might, soul and strength WHERE YOU ARE.

But it is imperative I sound a note of warning at this juncture. Do not do your job grudgingly or in order that your boss/supervisor may notice you. There is nothing more detestable than to see a man/woman only acting well when the boss is around then flaunting a lackadaisical attitude immediately his/her boss is out of sight. The only thing that usually comes out of that is pain. Like I said earlier, you are being scrutinized and all eyes are on you. Out of your present customers you may find the connection to your life’s purpose.

And if these or your present boss isn’t forthcoming on the promotion you earnestly seek then the All Good that permeates the universe will be at your side making ways where there seems to be none. You have to believe that it pays to be good. Your future starts now and it is wrapped up in your performance where you presently find yourself.

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