Life gets radiant with different spices,
As pleasant as precious memories,
My voice twirls in beautiful phases,
Like thirst and water,
Like hunger and food,
My voice is for music,
Sung with beautiful melody,
Bred in diamonds of words,
The diamonds that gleam in contexts and meanings,
The meanings taken from a life in a voyage,
The voyage that moves through dazzling and novel courses,
Driven by courage and conscience.

I sing to the sounds of the drums,
The drums of moments filled with tempos,
Unwinding meanings of times,
Flowing like creases of nature,
The life of an African child,
A life fed with hope, but limited choices,
A life fed with reasons and candour,
A life full of diverse riddles,
In brewery of daily hurdles,
With toils of sleepless nights,
In severity and hostility,
With care and unkindness,
The days glisten through the dark.
My voice sings in melody.

OJO OYEYEMI J. ( 2017)
Picture Credit: Theodysseyonline.com

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