Mark Nichols was in a secured webinar with the Chief of the Russian Intelligent Agency, RIA, from his office in Langley. It was a building well hidden from everybody. There were no sign posts to advertise the agency. They were inaugurated in public and work in secrecy. He was a balding man at the peak of his intelligence career. Being Chief of the National Intelligent Agency, NIA, his duties were to gather information for his country and report his findings to the presidency. He was a war veteran and loved war.

“Good afternoon Мистер Nikov. It gives me great honour to be here. You are aware that intel shows that there is a great deal of activity going on in Nigeria at the moment. The people of that country are gradually revolting and our interests there may be at stake.
“In line with this, it is important that we stop the country from speaking with one voice. Our agenda so far has been to divide and conquer. It’s time we implement more havoc. The Zoko Haran sect is nearing it’s end since The Nigerian Army launched an offensive, no thanks to the disruption of funding to the sect by the Chinese. It’s time we created another sect and the aim of that sect would be to disrupt any plans of the people to speak with one voice.
“The agenda is simple and has been effective before. We shall deal with that country the way we did with Syria; cause the revolt to lead to war. But here is where we face a bit of challenge and your help is essential. We need additional Intel. Who are those behind this revolt and, if need be, bribe or eliminate?”
Avtomat Nikov, the chief of the RIA, had a smile on his face. He was fluent in English, French and Великорусский язык. He had a heavily accented English.
“Добрый день my brother. I am glad you are now aware of the implication of letting Nigeria stand as a free country. We have always known this country is capable of becoming a powerful country if given the chance. The Nigeria oil is one of the best in this world and we have access to it. We do not want you to compromise on the pact we have that the oil remain in our hands. So if Nigeria is to be a sane country we may lose our rights to this oil fields. You Americans will lose your rights to your bases in the country.
“Our Intel says the revolt in the country is being orchestrated by a new party, The Nigeria People’s Alliance. It’s basically infiltrating the society with a plan to take over the country’s political landscape. The masterminds are unknown at this moment but in a few days we shall have their names.”
He omitted he had a mole inside the party who was feeding him the Intel. He also omitted the fact that they were going to assassinate the chief mastermind immediately they had the facts. The Americans sometimes were too slow for his liking.
“So when do I expect we meet again as regards the course of action to take?” asked the NIA chief.
“Следующая неделя” came the response.

After their discussion, Mr Nichols called the secretary of defence, Mrs Smith, on a secured line.
“The bastard isn’t telling me everything he knows about the Nigeria issue and I am smelling a rat shit from his side; says we can meet again next week.”
“Carry on with plan ‘drain the blood'”
The line went dead.

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