You may hang your doubts,
Nothing else matters,
Only the dots of your love can connect everything,
And make the complete diamond,
With these faces left in the emptiness of your pride,
Your mind is flourishing with lonely desires,
You may be lying with your lips,
Fanning with your elbows,
Shaking with your ego,
I doff my heart in nothing,
But traces of your unkindness,
Your arrogance and worries,
The feigning pleasure of your fullness,
The hurtful lie of your innocence,
Your bashfulness and inferiority,
The streams of your resentment,
Are clouded in the nest of social conspiracy,
Wasting the time in a wait of unmet curiosity,
Fading away in your seeming solace,
Dragging away in your loftiness and haughtiness,
Making delays for the beautiful smiles of the morning.

The little lady like you lives in nothing,
But doubts and pride.


Picture Credit: Pinterest

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