One thing everyone always thinks about is what to become in life. Everyone is dreaming of becoming successful and respectful individual in the society but many people usually do not make their dreams come true due to some reasons. One of the reasons is giving up when people do not believe in them which may be as a result of their previous failures.

Thus, they will lose focus and find themselves living without any purpose in life. Meanwhile, it is normal for people to ridicule someone whom they think is useless but it is the person that should see himself as useful. They may also give the person a derogatory name but it is the person that should not let it discourage him. Instead, he should work and build a good name for himself.

Notably, many successful individuals have once been ridiculed because people thought they have nothing to offer. A good example is Dr. Ben Carson. In his book titled THE BIG PICTURE, Dr. Ben Carson captioned one of his photographs in the book that he was called the “class dummy” in his fifth grade class. But today, Dr. Ben Carson is a world-reowned neurosurgeon known as the originator of ground-breaking surgical procedures in the world. He is also one of the bestselling authors in the world.

As a matter of fact, there is no ridiculous name that people are calling you that they have not called some people before. But those people later became successful in life because they were not discouraged. The names like a dummy, a dullard or a failure that people are calling you should not kill your morale. You should rather let the name challenge you that you need to be successful in order to disappoint them.

All in all, it is your life and you will choose what you wish to be in life. Those people who are calling you ridiculous names will become your stumbling blocks to success if you allow them to discourage you. You only need to have a big picture. That is, you need to believe that your future is great. Remember that no one sees what you are seeing because it is your vision. Just remain positive, continuing working and you will get there.

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