Things are rapidly changing. Everyone is caught up in the web of misinformation and disorientation that hinder reading culture. Reading, today, has become a herculean task and boring exercise that most students avoid. Most African children prefer watching a TV show or playing a PlayStation game to reading a novel. Reading to most people, brings displeasure and utter discomfort. We’re all held up in this misguided social perception. Homes are losing track of this vital value that is fundamental to intellectual development.

“I’ll rather Google it and get my answers”, says every student. The Internet has overtaken this natural exercise that promotes knowledge. Our brains are becoming dormant and inactive, playing the second fiddle to technology. Think about this, how true is every piece of information you find on the Internet? How proven is the source? Which parameters and conventions can you base your search on, looking through the search engines? This act is obviously driven by laziness and zeal for quick answers!

Though technology has made life much better, most people replace their role with gadgets like iPhones and computers. These devices are important, but they should not replace your mind. The bitter truth is right and appropriate information available on the Internet is a product of painstaking work compiled by those that are truly trained and skilled as regards what you need. It’s a win-win exercise, if you use your brain – I mean reading the right texts and deriving your answers.

Your brain reproduces what you feed it with. Looking beyond sensation and visual pleasure on the Internet can enhance intellectual development. Cultivating an attitude of reading texts and digesting information online can develop your mental reservoir. Most people gossip and chit-chat neglecting the crucial information on the Internet. You can achieve exponential results, if you can maximize the use of the Internet resources. The Internet promotes learning, if you use it as though it’s a collaborative companion.

“I’m stuck. I can’t write the next line. I’m in a fix. What do I write next…” are the common questions that spring up in a student’s mind when recalling words or information during exams. Constant familiarization and deliberate reading improves spelling and writing skills. The bird flies with what it pecks at. Reading and writing is a beneficial practice that increases knowledge. Reading is an aged long practice that has kept human race. Reading opens a mind to see things beyond visceral lines of thoughts. It opens a door of discovery that can lift a student beyond limits.

Why does everyone need to improve their reading habit? Everyone needs to read because it is the key that can unlock every shut gate of knowledge. You can never live in the dark. There’re hidden treasures in words which can change your world. Read, ruminate on and process what you read. This will stimulate your mind and produce outstanding success. An excellent reading habit is what everyone should emulate.

Ojo Oyeyemi J. (2017)
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