They fill our brains with Greek and Roman Myths, they tutor us with the Englishman way, right from the onset. They perfect it all to us and we never argue. But when Al-Qur’an and the Bible tell us that God created everything in six (6) days, we argue if the scriptures mean ordinary 24 hours or not ( figuratively or literally).

Philosophy denies what we can even reason with our brains, Science argue what we can even see with our eyes, Mathematics sends our brains ringing, Commerce makes us commercialize our resources, we never find anything wrong therein. Yet we send out stupid questions to our religious teachers.

We accept scholars’ theories, believe their words (quotes). We keep hairs like. Wole Soyinka (we blush when people associate us with him and the likes). We study and try to understand every word in William Shakespeare’s plays, find pleasure in Benard Shaw, we study Achebe, give our topmost attention to difficult words of Soyinka, BUT the Bible/Qur’an is a book we can’t read a whole chapter of in a week, while we read 100 pages of novels in an hour!

We never argue, we never oppose, we never antagonize because doing so would mean we are no intellects. Doing so would mean we don’t want to be knowledgeable, that we are not relevant to the World of Western. I come to know that some people deny existence of God, just because scientists are able to “prove” it. Or because “all intelligent people believe in it.”

We renounce our faiths, we deny ourselves, we take to their cautions, we pay special attention to their warnings. We believe all they want us to, we still never argue with our colonial masters.

I think (Western) Education is the lasting form of slavery!

Desk of Insanity,
Jimson Jaat Taofik,
The MAD Writer,
(Making A Difference).

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